Older Versions

SAL 3.2 (released 16 May, 2012)

SAL 3.1 (released 7 March, 2012)

SAL 3.0 (released 11 December, 2006)

SAL 2.2 (released 23 Apr 2004)

SAL 2.1 (released 24 Jan 2004)

SAL 2.0 (released 12 Nov 2003)

SAL 1.0 (released June 2002)

Note that SAL 1.0 requires the same license as the source distribution described above.

SAL 1.0 provides an explicit-state model checker and related tools. It uses a slightly older version of the SAL language (see the sal.dtd file in the tar file). Explicit-state model checking is very useful in certain circumstances and SAL users who require this capability currently must use SAL 1.0. We do plan to port the SAL explicit-state model checker to SAL 2.X in the future. SAL 1.0 and SAL 2.X can coexist.